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    When you book a Private Tour (single or couples) You can be a guest on one of the most popular outdoor podcast in the World.

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    Why Us? We will always answer email or messages. We understand that a trip to Yellowstone can be costly. So we help you get the answers you need.

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From Backpacking the Appalachian Trail to exploring the swamps of Georgia all the way back to Hiking in the Beartooth Wilderness. We’ve done it. National Parks like the Grand Canyon, Badlands, Great Smoky’s, Joshua Tree, and Isle Royale. We’ve led and trips all over the Country. Now, we are in Yellowstone! 

From the host’s of the popular outdoor podcast Trust The Trail. We’ve been guiding for years sharing our experience with YOU.  Come join a special list of individuals that have let us be their Guides in these beautiful places. 

Now residing in Cooke City, MT (and only 4 miles from the NE Entrance of Yellowstone) We can offer specialized trips like no other Guides can. We live here.  So come join us on one of our Greater Yellowstone Tours and Guided Trips. We may just ask you to be a part of our Podcast. 

This place is truly raw in nature at its purest.  Yellowstone Trail Guides custom build each adventure into the world’s first national park around your interests and expectations, and we fill your day with amazing experiences surrounded by magical landscapes, untamed wildlife, and geological wonder. Each day in Yellowstone is different in its own way. Our guides work with your group to ensure your Yellowstone experience is special to YOU. Our hope for EVERY tour is that you walk away with a part of Yellowstone forever lodged in your heart and mind.

Yellowstone Trail Guides is a local guiding service offering custom tours in Yellowstone National Park. We specialize in crafting personalized educational experiences with Yellowstone’s wildlife, natural and cultural history, and geology.