Can We Expect Long Drive Times?

Yellowstone Trail Guides is based in Cooke City, MT at the North East Entrance to the park. All of our wildlife tours depart from either Cooke City, Gardiner, Mammoth Hot Springs, or Tower Junction with pickups available for an additional fee from: Canyon Village.

Our One Day in Yellowstone, Waterfalls, and Wildlife tours may also pick up at Canyon Village, Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone is a HUGE park with 5 different entrances/exits, 371 miles of developed roads, a maximum speed of 45mph (unless posted less than this), and heavy traffic during the summer months. Not too mention as of 2023 CONSTRUCTION to repair roads from the flood of 2022

In general it’s a good idea to plan on AT LEAST 30 minutes of drive time for each stretch of road within the park.

A few examples of estimated travel times (in minutes – NOT in miles):

Bozeman to Gardiner, MT. – 1 and a half hours

Livingstone to Gardiner, MT.- 45 minutes to 1 hour

Emigrant to Gardiner, MT. – 30-45 minutes

West Yellowstone to Canyon – 1 hour

West Yellowstone to Mammoth – 1 hour and fifteen minutes

Big Sky to Canyon Village or Mammoth Hot Springs – 2+ hours

Old Faithful to Canyon Village or Mammoth Hot Springs – 1 hour and fifteen minutes

Grant Village to Canyon Village – 1 hour

Cooke City to Gardiner, MT – 1 hour and 30 minutes

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